As Editor

Editorial Works

In the late 1970s, Adrian attempted to interest various UK publishers in a prospective Sword and Sorcery anthology, with the working title of SAVAGE BREED. Adrian obtained permission to use stories by Robert E Howard, John Jakes (Brak) and Ramsey Campbell (Ryre) among others and drew together a line-up that included some new material. Sphere Books expressed an interest, but sadly the book never materialised.

It was not until 2012 that Adrian’s first work as an editor saw print. This is YOUNG THONGOR, Wildside Press (USA, 2012) which collects all of Lin Carter’s short stories about the prediluvian hero, with a couple of new stories from American writer, Robert M Price. In spite of the huge success of the Thongor novels, the short stories had never been collected – this is the first Thongor book for 40 years! Adrian wrote an introduction to the book and linked the stories using a brief biographical note between them in much the same way that Carter and de Camp had done with their Conan books for Lancer.

The book has also been released as an e-book from Kindle.

One Amazon reveiwer has said:

"As a S&S fan, I'm extremely grateful to Adrian Cole for getting these stories together and into print. I'm really glad I took the time to read them and gain a new degree of respect for a man too often maligned by fans of the genre (myself included) he laboured for for years."

Young Thongor