Booklets and Articles

Some recent items:

There is an interview with Adrian by John Gilbert in the latest issue of the revived FEAR Magazine (Autumn 2015) entitled COCKTAILS WITH COLE;

The Fantasycon 2015 programme booklet (Oct 2015), edited by Peter Coleborn, contains an article by Adrian entitled THE NIGHTMARE MAN;

The British Fantasy Society Journal for Spring 2016 contains an article by Adrian entitled FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY - PLEASE! being a humourous reflection on Adrian's readings at conventions over the years.


Other Publications:

THE COMING OF THE VOIDAL (see section on the Voidal)

The Coming of the Voidal

LONGBORE THE INEXHAUSTIBLE (see section on Performances)

Longbore the Inexhaustible

Adrian wrote a chapter of the round-robin novel GHOR KIN-SLAYER, The Saga of Genseric’s Fifth-Born Son, which opened with an REH fragment and was duly completed by “the finest fantasy authors of the past several decades.” These included Karl Edward Wagner, Joseph Payne Brennan, Michael Moorcock, A.E. Van Vogt and many others. The ambitious saga began its life in sections in Jonathan Bacon’s Fantasy Crossroads magazine, but was eventually produced in its entirety in a booklet by Necronomicon Press (USA, 1977).

Adrian wrote a chapter for Stephen Jones’s BY HORROR HAUNTED, NEL (UK, 1992) a volume about horror novelist James Herbert’s work. Commissioned to write about his favourite Herbert book, Adrian suggested that he do a piece on the 3 Rat books and duly did so, under the title Season of the Rat. The title had been one of Adrian’s own working titles for a proposed rat novel back in the 1970s, but  he had abandoned the idea when Herbert’s THE RATS was published .

Adrian also wrote a brief appreciation of Clive Barker’s THE DAMNATION GAME for HORROR: THE BEST 100 NOVELS,  edited by Stephen Jones and Kim Newman, Carroll & Graf, 1988 (USA).

Spectre Press has published a special booklet, in both hardback and paperback, NIGHTMARE ON MAD GULL ISLAND. (See Nick Nightmare page for details.)