From an early age, Adrian has always been fascinated by the weird and wonderful. Although his tastes in literature and the arts are broad, he has a particular love of their more imaginative elements. Writers such as Henry Rider Haggard, Edgar Rice Burroughs and HP Lovecraft have always been special favourites – ERB and HRH were first discovered in the British comics of the 50s. Within the fields of sf, horror and fantasy, Adrian’s tastes have always been very wide, he still enjoys the old pulps as well as classic and modern writers : MR James and Algernon Blackwood remain firm favourites, together with Robert E Howard, JG Ballard, Dan Simmons and Jonathan Carroll.

Adrian’s early works were very much influenced by Tolkien and Sword and Sorcery generally.

He became a big comic and graphic novel fan later in life and has a wide-reaching collection, from old British comics and strips such as Dan Dare and Garth to the modern greats, such as Mark Millar and Todd McFarlane, to name but a few. And he is still a sucker for Sword and Sorcery comics – he has a mound of them, including pretty much all of Conan and Slaine.

The first sf movie he recalls seeing at the cinema was Earth versus the Flying Saucers, the Ray Harryhausen classic and he loved all the old black and white sf and early horrors, many of which he has collected. Although he wasn’t allowed to watch the original Quatermass serials on TV, he caught up with them later and they still remain big favourites. His all-time favourite movie directors are Kurosawa, Kubrick and the Cohen Brothers. And of course, Peter Jackson’s LOTR movies are high up on his list of all-time greats.

Another branch of fiction that Adrian is a big fan of is the spy genre. Apart from Fleming’s James Bond, he has a comprehensive collection of Bond-inspired books, including Modesty Blaise, Quiller and Boysie Oakes. His love of their larger than life escapades is balanced with a similar love of the works of John le Carre and Len Deighton.

Adrian has a keen interest in ancient history, particularly Celtic, Norse, Roman and Dark Age, and his fantasy work is often heavily infused with their influences. Henry Treece, Bernard Cornwell and anything Arthurian are particular favourites.

Adrian’s favourite artists are JMW Turner, Burne Hogarth, Frank Frazetta and Berni Wrightson. He also loves the modern graphic art of Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo and Marc Silvestri.