Adrian's latest collection, TOUGH GUYS, has been published by Parallel Universe Publications (UK)

The book comprises 3 novella and a short story, and showcases Adrian's range of work within the horror genre. The stories are:

WAIT FOR THE RICOCHET, a new Nick Nightmare yarn, in which the Private Eye, Public Fist gets embroiled with a bunch of particularly unsavoury satanists;

IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT, set in a bleak dystopian future where the rules of survival for the growing underclass are changing ;

A SMELL OF BURNING, a shorter piece about a man hunted by a pyromaniac;

NOT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, in which a former hit man dies only to be reborn and used as the pawn in a deadly game between two terrible powers.

The cover is by award winning artist Jim Pitts and the book has an introduction by renowned award winning editor and writer, David Sutton. (See Review section of this site for some initial reviews.)

BFS Award 2015

At Fantasycon 2015, held in Nottingham, Adrian was presented with the British Fantasy Society Award for the year's Best Short Story Collection for NICK NIGHTMARE INVESTIGATES. It's the first award he has won in nearly 40 years of authorship and was a truly emotional moment. The award (won in the past by such celebrated writers as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker) capped an excellent and highly enjoyable convention. Adrian took part in a "Pulp Fiction" panel, was present at a number of book launches and performed an irreverent piece on current fantasy and horror trends.

The picture is of Adrian and Judy, back at home after the Convention. Adrian's right hand is holding on to the best prize he ever won, nearly 40 years ago.


For a list of Adrian's short stories due for release over the next few months, see Short Story section of this site.

Halloween 2015

Adrian attended the HALLOWEEN SIGNING SESSION at FORBIDDEN PLANET in OCTOBER 2015… great fun had by all, followed by the usual gathering of editors, writers and friends at the Crown and Anchor. In the picture are Kim Newman, Paul McAuley, Steve Jones, Stephen Volk, Adrian, and at the front, Jo Fletcher and David Case, celebrating their appearances in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF FRANKENSTEIN.

THE SHADOW ACADEMY has been published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing and a trailer for the book appears below.

It can be purchased as a book, an e-book or in an audio book version.


The Shadow Academy - (Amazon)

The Shadow Academy - (KOBO)

The Shadow Academy - (Audio Book Version)

e-reads have now released all four volumes of the STAR REQUIEM series and OMARAN SAGA, available from the Victor Gollancz SF Gateway imprint. These can be purchased at (click link to the left, or visit the For Sale links page of this site).

All of the above 8 books are available as audio books from Audible.


Adrian is currently researching and writing a series of novels set in an alternative world, based in Romano-Celtic Europe and Britain.