Adrian attended Fantasycon 2015 in Nottingham and took part on a panel discussing Pulp Fiction, old and new - and also read an excerpt from a new masterpiece, ZOMBIE SKY SHARKS VERSUS WAYWARD THRONES. So far there has not been a stampede among publishers to snap up this literery gem.

Zombie Sky Sharks

Previous performances:

At an early British Fantasy Society Convention in the 1970s, during the light-hearted session known as “Song, Sonnet and Story” Adrian read a spoof he had written that took the affectionate rise out of Sword and Sorcery in general and Lin Carter in particular. Entitled Longbore the Inexhaustible, it began an occasional session from Adrian at various conventions, in which no aspect of SF, fantasy or horror was safe. Longbore was published as a chapbook by the BFS, Booklet No 3 (UK, 1978), with some added material.

Subsequently conventions have been treated to such gems as:

The Vulgariad, which majors on heroic fantasy such as the works of Eddings, Donaldson and Tolkien.

Revenge of the Heavy Metal Vampires, which focuses on horror material.

Totally Terminal Alien Robo-Predator – naturally, Arnie movies.

The Mice – in which James Herbert’s RATS books tangle with British tv soap opera EASTENDERS.

The most recent of these deathless classics, which pairs Holmes and Watson with Harry Potter, was delivered at Armadacon 20 in Plymouth.

FEAR Magazine published slightly edited versions of The Vulgariad (issue no 17, May 1990) and Revenge of the Heavy Metal Vampires.