“...(Cole) is deeply knowledgeable about the sources of his craft and the mystic bent of the stories he wishes to tell. He could easily explode into the first rank of fantasy writers.”

- John Clute, Encyclopedia of Fantasy, Orbit, UK

“...Adrian Cole is a unique voice in modern fantasy fiction, whose visions of heroic adventure and cosmic horror will stay with you for a long time...he is a wonderfully visual writer who has provided us with some of the most stunning grotesquerie since Clark Ashton Smith. He is one of the most promising fantasists of his generation.”

- Darrell Schweitzer, editor of Weird Tales

A Place Among the Fallen is a remarkably fine fantasy by an author well worth following. Adrian Cole has a magic touch which informs his work with a special power. I hope he stays around for a long time and gives us a lot more.”

- Roger Zelazny, Hugo and Nebula Award winner

“Those avant garde writers who think that style can replace plot should read A Place Among the Fallen. Adrian Cole spins an intricate, exciting tale that is smoothly and superbly written.”

- Robert Adams, author of the Horseclans series

(A Place Among the Fallen is) sombre and powerful. The Real Stuff. Fantasy the way the masters have always written it.”

-Edward Bryant, award winning author.

(A Place Among the Fallen is) unusual...fresh...a sword and sorcery tale that will keep you spellbound...”

- Rave Review Magazine, US.

"Reading these early (Voidal) stories by Cole gave me a greater appreciation for his greatest work, the Omaran series. This is Cole’s big four volume fantasy series that includes A Place Among the Fallen, Throne of Fools, The King of Light and Shadows, and The Gods in Anger. I once described the series as reading as if Tolkien had written for Weird Tales. I consider it to be one of the most important fantasy series of the 1980s."

- Morgan Holmes, REHupa (The Robert E. Howard United Press Association)

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“(his work contains) an edge of bleak hysteria almost worthy of Donaldson’s harsher insights into the stressful side of inhabiting a world dense with meanings its protagonists may wish to deny...”

- John Clute, Encyclopedia of Fantasy, Orbit, UK

"Magic, Technology, mystery, politics, underhanded schemes, love, lust, anger, hatred, war, what else could you ask for. Best Sci-Fi series I've ever read."

Since returning to writing over the last few years, Adrian's short fiction has gained a number of very good reviews, the most recent of which have been for the newly released TOUGH GUYS collection, from Parallel Universe (UK).

Vault of Evil (US) said:
WAIT FOR THE RICOCHET - "...a novella so action-packed it makes Natural Born Killers seem like Last Year at Marienbad..."
IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT - "...supremely unpleasant..."
NOT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE - " epic...pure pulp gold..."

Tangent (US) have praised both Adrian's stories in the recently revived Weirdbook:
GIVE ME THE DAGGERS (in issue 31) "...some great twists and turns worthy of the best Saturday morning pulp reel...2 thumbs up, hanging 10 on an astral surfboard..."
IN BLACKWALK WOOD (in issue 32) "...a beautiful story...the author uses one of the many myths surrounding the Halloween tradition and he does it exceptionally..."

My Trending stories review site said of TOUGH GUYS:
" accomplished collection...vivid characters..."

The Horror Review singled out RUNNING WITH THE TIDE (in Creeping Crawlies, Shadow Press, UK):
"...the highlight of the atmospheric, eerie masterpiece of horror.."

Author, publisher and reviewer, Gary Fry, described A GIRL AND HER DOLLS (in Spectral Horror 2, UK) as " class..."