Short Stories

Latest collection, from Parallel Universe Publications, UK (2016):

Tough Guys

TOUGH GUYS from Parallel Universe Publications (UK).

This is a collection of 3 novellas and one short story, unrelated but all have principal characters who possess tough, uncompromising natures. The book is introduced by David A Sutton.

WAIT FOR THE RICOCHET is a Nick Nightmare novella, the first in a new arc of stories about the hero of the Award Winning NICK NIGHTMARE INVESTIGATES, focused on black magic and satanism;

IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT is a dystopian novella, related by a fine young cannibal;

A SMELL OF BURNING is a short horror story, whose theme is pyromania;

NOT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE is a novella about Razorjack, a bizarre hit man working for powers beyond normal lifetime.

The collection was described by the BFS as "excellently written" and Vault of Horror called it "Pure Pulp Gold"


A NIGHT IN THE BONE FACTORY, a horror story, provisionally in an Industrial Horror anthology, edited by Dean Drinkell (Snow Books, UK) due spring 2018;

REVENGE OF THE SORCEROR, a new Elak of Atlantis sword and sorcery yarn, due in The Mighty Warriors, edited by Robert M Price, Ulthar Press, US, due mid 2018;

THE PLACE OF UNUTTERABLE NAMES, a Mythos story, in The Book of Cthulhu, edited by Jon Harvey, Spectre Press (UK) due mid 2018 (illustrated by Jim Pitts;

EVERY BONE IN HIS BODY, a horror story, due in The Spectral Book of Horror stories, 4 (Spectral Press, UK);

EVENTS IN A STRANGE HOTEL, a horror story, due in the Spectral Book of Horror stories, 5 (Spectral press, UK);

IN THE LAND OF HUNGRY SHADOWS, a sword and planet DREAM LORDS novella, due in Cirsova Magazine 7, (US) for spring 2018;

NO OTHER GOD BUT ME, a Mythos/Halloween story, for a new anthology edited by Douglas Draa for Celaeno Press (UK) for 2018;

AT MIDNIGHT ALL THE AGENTS, a Nick Nightmare novella, lead title in Occult Detective Quarterly Presents, 1, due for release late 2017:

AN UNFAMILIAR FAMILIAR, a new Elfloq story,in THE SIMRANA CYCLE, edited by Robert M Price for Celaeno Press (US) for 2018;

THE SUMMONING OF A GENIE IN ERROR, a short fantasy, also in THE SIMRANA CYCLE (see above);

DEMON DRIVER, a re-issue of a horror story, in Digital Horror (US) for 2018;

In addition to the above and due for release in 2018 are 4 new stories to appear in Weirdbook magazine. These are: ICONOCLASM (horror); TONIGHT I WEAR MY CRIMSON FACE  (weird horror); UP THE LAZY RIVER (sf); YOU'D DO IT FOR DIAMONDS, a new Nick Nightmare story, with links to the Oparra stories.

Other stories recently completed or in progress:

THE  DUST OF ANCIENT STARS, a Mythos novella, and RISING FROM THE DEVIL'S PLANET, also a Mythos (sf) story are both part of the Mythos collection currently a work in progress (with a working title of THE DUST OF ANCIENT STARS)

BROKEN BILLY, a new horror story;

MOONLIGHT OVER MAURITANIA and COLD STORAGE are two new Mythos yarns scheduled for a forthcoming duo of anthologies;

LOAD UP, LOAD UP WITH SILVER BULLETS is a new Nick Nightmare story, introducing the Cobweb Queen and probably the Forty Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (yes, you read that right);

QUEEN AMONG THE SKULLS and A BOOK NOT FOR BURNING are two new stories in the Oparra cycle, linking events into the Nick Nightmare saga;

Plans are also afoot to involve Nick Nightmare in Stephen Jones's THE LOVECRAFT SQUAD (watch this space)

Recently published:

A BEAST BY ANY OTHER NAME, a horror story in Terror Tales of Cornwall, edited by Paul Finch (Snow Books, UK, 2017)

SLAYERS AT THE GATE, a sword and sorcery story, in Skelos magazine, no 2 (US);

A KILLING IN KARKESH, a sword and planet story in the DREAM LORDS saga, in Cirsova 5 (US);

TEAR DOWN THE STARS, a sword and planet story in the DREAM LORDS saga, in Cirsova 6 (US);

STEAMING INTO WONDERLAND, a pulp adventure yarn in the Doc savage tradition, first of the Oparra tales, in Worlds of the Unknown no 5 (UK) from Spectre Press;

THE PULLULATIONS OF THE TRIBE, a Nick Nightmare story, in Weirdbook 35, (UK);

NO HOLDS BARD, a horror tale in WITCHES, Weirdbook Annual 1 (US);

A KISS FROM THE MIRRORMAN, a dystopian short from Weirdbook 34 (US);

THE DOOR INTO ENVY,  a horror story, published in The Spectral Press Book of Horror Stories, 3 , (UK);

TRAIN TO NOWHERE, a Nick Nightmare story in Weirdbook 33 (US);

THE SEALED CITY, a sword and planet story in the new DREAM LORD saga, in Cirsova no 2 (US);

IN BLACKWALK WOOD, a horror story in Weirdbook no 32 (US)

THE THIRD MOVEMENT, in Tales from the Miskatonic Library, edited by Darrell Schweitzer from PS Publications (UK) - a story peripheral to the Nick Nightmare saga:

YOU'LL LAUGH WHEN I TELL YOU, a Nick Nightmare short in Legends of New Pulp Fiction, edited by Ron Fortey for Airship27 (US)

A GIRL AND HER DOLLS, a horror story in the prestigious The Spectral Press Book of Horror Stories, no 2 (UK) edited by Mark Morris, launched at Fantasycon. Many of the contributors were at the convention to sign copies of the book;

GIVE ME THE DAGGERS, a new Nick Nightmare yarn, in the newly re-launched Weirdbook (no 31), edited by Douglas Draa (US);

HIS LAST PORTRAIT, a horror story in Masks, edited by Dean Drinkel for Knightwatch Press (UK) also launched at Fantasycon;

IN THE WAKE OF THE AUTUMN STORM, a horror story in The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories, edited by Maxim Jakubowski for Robinson (UK);

RUNNING WITH THE TIDE, a horror story in Creeping Crawlers, edited by Allen Ashley for Shadow Press (UK) also launched at Fantasycon;

IN THE COURT OF THE PUMPKIN KING, a Nick Nightmare novella in Not Your Average Monster! (Volume 1) edited by Pete Kahle for Bloodshot Books (US);

DEMON DRIVER, a horror story in Demonology, edited by Dean Drinkel from Lycopolis Press (UK);

LATE SHIFT, a horror story in Kitchen Sink Gothic, edited by David and Linden Riley from Paranaormal Publications (UK);

THE FRANKENSTEIN LEGACY in The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein, edited by Stephen Jones, Robinson (UK) - a reprint of this popular volume from 1994 and also published in the US as In the Shadow of Frankenstein;

THE SHADOW NAVIGATOR in The Hyborian Gazette, no 1 (UK) - a reprint of the sword and sorcery story featuring the first appearance of Mordruin (first published in David Riley's magazine, Bizarre, 1995);

Earlier Published Stories:

Adrian’s first published short story was a ghost story run in a one-shot Woman’s magazine, Destiny, (IPC Magaziones, UK) which came out in 1974. This was followed by The Horror Under Penmire in Mary Danby’s Frighteners (Fontana, UK, 1974). A Lovecraftian Mythos story set on the Cornish moors, this tale has subsequently been reprinted several times in various anthologies.

A number of ghost and horror tales appeared in the 1970s, including The Genuine Article (Roger Elwood collection, The Berserkers, in the US)  Scars (Fantasy Tales 2, UK) and Collector’s Piece (Kadath).

Mary Danby published The Moon Web in the Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories, vol 11 (UK, 1977) and Hugh Lamb used 2 short stories in his anthologies: The Demon in the Stone in Cold Fear, WH Allen, (UK 1977) and Midnight Hag in New Tales of Terror, Magnum (UK, 1980).

Transmuto the Metamorphic Myrmidon, a humorous superhero spoof was published in Michel Parry’s Superheroes by Futura, (UK 1978). (In a reprinted, cut down version of the book, this was one of the stories omitted.)

During this period, Penthouse magazine(UK)  published 3 of Cole’s short science fiction tales, Axeman, The Deadliest Weapon and Second Coming, all of which draw strongly on Adrian’s dark sense of humour. Penthouse also published one horror tale, Head Case.

As a contrast, Adrian also had 3 children’s stories published in Richard Davis’s SPACE series from Hutchinson (UK) :

Offside, which describes a football match as seen through the eyes of an alien invader,

Krobar the Unbelievable, a spoof in the tradition of Sword and Sorcery heroes.

Snow Demons, a twist on an ancient legend.

Stephen Jones has published a number of Adrian’s tales:

Heart of the Beast was in The Mammoth Book of Werewolves, Robinson (UK 1984);

Face to Face appeared in Dark Voices 2, Pan (UK 1990) – a horror tale described by Ellen Datlow as “techno-horror” in her annual collection, Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, vol 5, which reprinted the tale.

The Frankenstein Legacy was in The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein, Robinson (UK, 1994) – this tale, a direct sequel to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, was reprinted in a Japanese version of the collection, which used Adrian’s title as the title for the translation.

The Crossing originally appeared in Shadows Over Innsmouth, Fedogan and Bremer (USA 1994), this collection having enjoyed a number of reprints since then, as well as a Japanese version. The story is set partly in Appledore, a local village a few miles from Adrian’s home.

Treason in Zagadar, a story featuring Robert E Howard’s King Kull, appeared in The Anthology of Fantasy and the Supernatural, edited by Stephen Jones and David Sutton, Tiger Books (UK 1994)

Only Human, a humorous tale about abortive demonic activity, appeared in The Giant Book of Fantasy Tales, edited by Stephen Jones and David Sutton, The Book Co (UK, 1996).

The Shadow Navigator, the first story about Mordruin, a dark fantasy hero, appeared in Beyond magazine, no 2, edited by David Riley (UK 1995) and a second Mordruin story, A Ship of Monstrous Fortune, appeared in the revived Strange Tales, volume 4, no 1 from Wildside Press (USA 2003).

Adrian was commissioned by US editor and writer Robert Price to write a new Elak of Atlantis story, using Henry Kuttner’s character and Blood of the Moon God appeared in Strange Tales, volume 4, no 3 from Wildside Press (USA, 2007). A second Elak story, Witch Queen of Doom Island, appears in the Spectre Press magazine, Worlds of the Unknown, no 1 (Sept 2014).

The Chaos Blade, a Lovecraftian Mythos story is included in WORLDS OF CTHULHU, an anthology from Fedogan and Bremer (USA 2012).

The Vogue Prince, the first of the individual Nick Nightmare short stories, appears in the Alchemy Press  Book of Pulp Heroes collection, edited by Mike Chinn (UK 2012).

The Sound of Distant Gunfire, a macabre story appears in the Alchemy Press  Book of Ancient Wonders anthology, edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber  (UK, 2012). It is set mainly along the local cycle route, formerly a railway, in North Devon.

You Don’t Want to Know, a Nick Nightmare story, appears in WEIRDER SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH, Fedogan and Bremer, autumn 2013.

Nightmare on Mad Gull Island, another new Nick Nightmare story has been published in 2013 as a booklet by Spectre Press.

Kiss The Day Goodbye, a Nick Nightmare story, appears in Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2, edited by Mike Chinn (UK 2013).